Eat at the Hotel! Food delivery at Palazzo Novello

Hotel Palazzo Novello offers you a reserved table in our halls, where you can have lunch or dinner that we will order for you at one of the restaurants in the area. Alternatively, you can of course stay in the room! For water, wine or soft drinks, however, don’t worry, you will find everything here […]

Valentine’s Day 2020 at Palazzo Novello

“All my better days are the ones spent with you”   By now you know it, next to the more classic proposals we always like to create something special! What did we invent for our lovers this year?   💝«EAT, LOVE, SLEEP»💝  This is the special all inclusive package, which includes a dinner, composed as […]

Our News of the 2020

New year, new ideas, new opportunities and news at Palazzo Novello! We like to spoil our guests, whether you are our loyal guests or new guests who want to visit us, our news is at your service to pamper you and concerts of the days of greatest relaxation here with us. WINERY Let your palate […]

Montechiari’s Spell: our city lights up

December has arrived and with him the lights in the squares, the Christmas markets, unmissable events and Christmas flavors. Even our Montichiari has been overwhelmed by the spirit of the holidays and like every year, it wraps and cheers us the days with the splendor that only a small village like ours can have. Come […]

Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of New Year

Every year when New Year is approaching it is inevitable to be asked “but you, what do you do on New Year’s Eve?” Staying at Palazzo Novello you will be lucky enough to be in a place full of fun and beautiful places like Lake Garda and the city of Brescia! Lovers looking for a […]

The Magic of Christmas, our cities light up

Christmas is almost upon us. And here is Palazzo Novello filled with magic with music, lights and shows. There is no shortage of beautiful cities that surround us, with a busy calendar of Christmas-themed events suitable for everyone. Come and stay with us in the most magical period of the year and you will have […]

Autumn flavor: the nougat

The time to stock up on Christmas sweets has arrived! And what better fair than the fair of the Nougat di Carpenedolo ?! For more than two centuries, the masters of nougat have been arriving from Cremona to Carpenedolo to let all the curious taste their Cremonese specialty. The streets of the city light up […]

Antique Exhibition at the Montichiari Centro Fiera!

Every year, since more than thirty years, the Centro Fiera of Montichiari  will host the Antiquarian Review from 1 to 10 November. This exhibition, famous throughout Italy, combines love for tradition with curiosity for new trends, satisfying even the most demanding connoisseurs.   “PASSION FOR ART AND ANTIQUES: AN EXHIBITION THAT RENOVATES ITS HISTORY EVERY […]

Autumn walks and lovely vineyards

September is finally here, the month for lovers of good wine and walks in the mountains, the month to visit Palazzo Novello and see how everything around us is full of activities for those who cultivate these passions! Our province gives us a September dedicated to walks through the vineyards thanks to the Festival of […]

Here is the mythical Spiedo of Borgosotto

The event of the year is almost upon us, do you have a ticket? Write down the date and time: Saturday 20 July, 20.00. What are we talking about ?? But of course of the Borgosotto spiedo, here in Montichiari! For the uninitiated, a little explanation is needed: every year in July the streets of […]

Brescia Music Festival 2019

The sixth edition of the Music Festival will be held on Saturday 22 June in Brescia!   Born as a musical celebration of the summer solstice, the Music Festival wants to promote and encourage musicians of all kinds to perform for the love of music and for union and community with the public. Open to […]

Montichiari’s May 2019

And here we are, like every year, waiting for the most beautiful month for Montichiari: the month of May !! We, here at Palazzo Novello, love him particularly, because as always the whole country is in turmoil and offers many events, on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to the patron saint of Monte Carlo, […]