Renewal of wedding wows

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At Palazzo Novello there is the perfect atmosphere to renew the promises made in one of the most beautiful moments of couple life, the wedding!

The renewal of marriage promises is a symbolic ritual in which the official (who may be the priest, if you want to give a religious value, but also a friend or family member) resumes, in a usually shortened way, the promises you make with the marriage. It is made to celebrate the anniversary, or simply because you want to confirm mutual engagement and love.

It can be done intimately, with or without witnesses, or you can extend the invitation to anyone you want. No special permits are needed and no bureaucratic obligations are envisaged. If it is the priest to celebrate, there will also be the blessing of marriage and rings.

At Palazzo Novello it is possible to organize the rite both in Italian and in English, just as Maria and Gary did.

renewal of wedding wows at Palazzo Novello, Italy

To celebrate this moment so exciting, after the rite we recommend a nice toast and a good lunch (or dinner).

Where? If you wish, we can arrange it at Palazzo with the private chef, or we will advise you the perfect restaurant for you 🙂

Please ask us for any information!

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