We asked ourselves what post-covid travel would have meant and what you would have expected from an accommodation.

From here we designed our and your “restart”.

With the aim of protecting the people we care most about, our Guests!
We are committed every day to ensure that our Hotel Palazzo Novello remains a safe nest where you can enjoy some relaxation, where you can blow off some steam and dream.

And most importantly, stay safe on your travels.

Many guests define us as an oasis: once you have crossed the large entrance door, you enter a small world which, in its uniqueness, lends itself to protecting and giving peace of mind.

Why are we a safer hotel? Because we have:

🍀 Few rooms, professionally cleaned (and we explain how)

🍀 A la carte breakfast, served in the GARDEN, or in the bedroom

🍀 Large common areas, for greater freedom

🍀 A garden to be experienced (and today more than ever we understand its value!), in which to relax or train while being able to comfortably keep the right distances

🍀 Personnel trained in the emergency related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus

🍀 “Safe reception” protocols

If you want to dedicate some more time to us, we will tell you more about:

Cleaning and sanitizing – Social distancing


Cleaning and sanitizing

For us, care and cleaning have always been a cornerstone. Now, in addition to all the cleaning and sanitizing practices we already used, we do more.

We have collected, studied and put into practice national and international directives (including the WHO guidelines) to guarantee the safety of everyone: the Guests and ours.

We are not just talking about columns with sanitizing gel and disinfectant products that respond to the indications of the Ministry, or information signs, which obviously are present. There is more!

We often sanitize handles, handrails and points of greatest contact with an alcohol-based product, and we keep track of them in a special register.

We measure staff fever, as per legislation.

All rooms are sanitized and disinfected with alcohol-based or hydrogen peroxide products, and then further treated with the Ozosì Special Black ozone machine.

Our air conditioning is not centralized: no uncontrolled air recirculation between different rooms, therefore!

Our “Safe Reception” protocol provides these and many other actions to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. All of us who work at Palazzo Novello are informed and trained on this issue and equipped with personal protective equipment: we know how to move to protect you!

We forgot: we have an anti legionella system, to defend you not only from COVID!


Social distancing

Our Hotel Palazzo Novello is a cozy, familiar place, but with many large spaces.

It will be easy for us to have few people and enforce the rules of distance between people. There are no crowds at Palazzo Novello!

  • We check in and check out digitally as much as possible, avoiding the exchange of paper documents
  • The reception is open from 7.30 am to 9 pm with 24-hour telephone availability
  • We have large spaces at your disposal to relax or work from our garden.


What to do during a stay at Palazzo Novello – “Off the beaten tracks”

Palazzo Novello is located in an “off the beaten tracks” destination. An area rich in history, nature and culture: from small villages to provincial capitals, to naturalistic destinations. All reachable by car, far from the masses.

Do you want to find out more? Call us now on + 39-030-9650907

We are here for you!

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