Palazzo Novello and Les Collectionneurs 😍

We are pleased to announce that Palazzo Novello is now a member of Les Collectionneurs, the prestigious collection of charming hotels and gastronomic tables by Alain Ducasse and Xavier Alberti.

Watch the video of the presentation


Watch the light show of the Gala evening

From 2019 you will also find us on their Official Guide!

After having passed the selection, consisting of several site inspections (yes, they have come to personally verify!) And by the evaluation by the Paris committee, we have finally become part of Les Collectionneurs.


What is Les Collectionneurs?

It is a “community” of restaurateurs, hoteliers and travelers founded by world-renowned Parisian chef Alain Ducasse.

The goal is to become the reference point for travelers from all over the world for the choice of charming hotels and gourmet restaurants.

Currently the collection contains almost 600 independent hotels and restaurants, with a great passion for their work and with the desire to offer an experience.

Each one is unique, but in all we find the charm, all representing a discovery and an authentic experience.

Do you want to become a “Collectionneurs” traveler?

Come and visit us!

At Palazzo Novello it is possible to have the Les Collectionneurs card, with which to accumulate credits for your stays and receive dedicated offers, together with the official Guide.