Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta in Montichiari, already recognised “minor basilica” on the  14th December 1963, is located inside the square taking its name, and is the most visible and visually striking building of the city.
It was built to replace the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, built around 1400, and commissioned by cardinal Angelo Maria Querini, at the time bishop of Brescia.
The architect coordinating the project was Giuseppe Soratini, but he was not the only one taking care of it: the facade was designed by Giorgio Massari - who already conceived Chiesa della Pace (Church of the Peace) in Brescia.

The dome was an idea of Pierantonio Cetti. It was started in 1785 and finished ten years later, and after that the statue of the Blessing Redeemer was placed over its top.

The interior has only one aisle, with seven altars dotted around it. The light is brought in by the cupola and the big windows of the transept. Behind the main altar one can admire a painting portraying the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, painted by Giuseppe Pirovano – a painter from Montichiari - in 1778.
It is also worth mentioning the altar of the Holy Sacrament, made with Marble from Carrara and   verd antique, and decorated with  lapis lazuli, which hosts an altar-piece portraying the Last Supper by Girolamo di Romano;  and the altar of the Holy relics,  where a marble ark of the '600 – by the Carra brothers – contains the relics of Saint Pancras and the reliquary of the Holy Cross, with 24 precious stones.