The animal park in Bergamo

Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle is in Valbrembo, in the province of Bergamo and is one of the most important zoos in Italy. It hosts more than 1000 animals across mammals, birds and reptiles, totalling around 120 species.

The park was established on the 19th April 1981, by Angelo Ferruccio Benedetti, to protect wild fauna in accordance to the EEP, the European Endangered species Programme: the project’s guidelines require the animals to be placed in fenced areas recreating the natural habitat of the animals. The cubs born in captivity are then re-introduced in their natural habitat, so that they could re-populate their specie.

The best part of the park is certainly the Tropical Forest, the biggest aviary in Italy, with its 7000 sqm it carefully reproduces rainforests in the finest details.

An educational park

Parco Le Cornelle offers a very detailed didactical programme for classes aimed at educating children about the importance of protecting the environment and nature.