Christmas is almost upon us. And here is Palazzo Novello filled with magic with music, lights and shows. There is no shortage of beautiful cities that surround us, with a busy calendar of Christmas-themed events suitable for everyone.

Come and stay with us in the most magical period of the year and you will have the opportunity to experience the spirit of this time while walking to discover the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy.


Brescia with spectacular events in the historic center:

Christmas in Brescia shows off with the Strada Winter Festival. Street theater and contemporary circus performances will liven up the festivities of the city center together with live music, clown performances and much more, in a fun experience for adults and children.

Imagine walking through the wonderful alleys of the historic center of Brescia and meeting nice clowns, jugglers, conjurers ready to involve you in a riot of laughter. The Strada Winter festival turns all this into reality, brightening the city’s Christmas period with sounds and colors with incredible performances that will leave you speechless.

Christmas in Brescia brings big news! A new project to light up the Carmine, the most creative neighborhood in the city, with original light art installations!

There is also ample space for the food and wine tradition, with markets and handicrafts, and for books, with meetings in the main libraries of the city.

And it does not end here: from 24 to 31 December there will be the extraordinary free opening of the civic museums of Brescia. You will thus be able to discover the museum heritage of the city in a journey through time starting from the Lombard era, with guided tours and involving workshops for children.

The little ones can travel on board the cute Christmas train and get excited about the rides in Piazza Mercato.



Verona, Santa Lucia markets and Christmas arena:

In Verona, the Christmas markets return on time every year with the Christmas markets of Santa Lucia and with the large Comet Star in the Arena and with many other appointments for a very rich and interesting Advent calendar.

Every year in Verona, on the occasion of the feast of Santa Lucia, the central Piazza Brà hosts a large and varied market, which the Veronese affectionately call “the banchéti de Santa Lùssia”. In our day, the centuries-old market of Santa Lucia attracts more than two hundred and fifty stalls from all over Italy and tens of thousands of visitors in the center of the Scaliger city, who buy gifts, toys, clothing, local handicrafts, gastronomic specialties, all kinds of Christmas goods and sweets (including the typical Santa Lucia fritters).

These stalls can be admired from 10 to 13 December from 8.00 to 23.00 and on 13 December it is open from 8.00 to 20.00

The city with its glittering historic center lends itself to host artistic illuminations while the marvelous arena, the third largest in Italy, is the perfect stage for the Comet symbol of Christmas.


The city is preparing to give this year one of the most beautiful Italian scenarios not to be missed for next Christmas. Piazza dei Signori houses the characteristic wooden houses of the Christkindlmarkt: 30 exhibitors will offer typical traditional handcrafted products such as glass, wood and ceramic decorations, many gift ideas as well as gastronomic specialties and delicious Christmas sweets.



The evocative setting of the Arena di Verona awaits you from 16 November to 19 January for a new edition of the International Review of the Crib in Art and Tradition. Over 400 specimens of nativity scenes from the most important international museums and private collections will give you spectacular representations of the birth of Jesus. An exhibition show in which music, lights and projections contribute to creating an atmosphere correlated with the objects on display. Symbol of the historical Veronese event is the symbolic Comet star that was born in the Arena. The review will be held every day from 9:00 to 20:00.


From the big star that greets visitors in the historic Arena, to the traditional nativity scenes up to the Christmas stalls in Piazza dei Signori, Verona awaits you to experience the evocative atmosphere of Christmas



Mantua and Bergamo, cities of art illuminated by Christmas:


Thun Winter Village is Mantua’s Christmas market, it is an unforgettable and unique space in which to immerse yourself in the warm and enveloping atmosphere of Christmas. Here visitors can spend pleasant moments of shopping, taste and buy culinary delicacies and participate in events to live a magical Christmas together! The initiative involves the construction of an enchanting market village consisting of typical wooden houses, which will be attended by exhibitors from all over Italy. Inside the Winter Village the opportunity will be offered to about 60 exhibitors to offer the quality of their products and / or services in an exclusive showcase, highlighting artisan, commercial and gastronomic activities.

In addition, at Thun Winter Village, you can skate on the beautiful professional skating rink designed to spend moments of great fun: a 500 square meter ice rink will be placed inside the Christmas market, a stone’s throw from the center historian. And then the panoramic Christmas train that will accompany citizens and tourists through the streets of the center starting from Piazza Virgiliana: a sightseeing tour through the streets and lights of the city with an ecological and fun way for children. During the whole period, numerous artistic and musical performances will be hosted in the area of ​​the Village, as well as activities for children and adults.

Visiting the Christmas market in Mantua means diving into the magical tradition of Christmas.

In Bergamo, as tradition has it, from November 16th to December 26th (from 9:30 to 19:30) you can visit the markets of the Christmas Village located in Piazzale degli Alpini, near the bus and train station, easy to access reach even if you come from afar!

You can buy artisanal products, sweets and other food and wine specialties to make or make yourself original gifts! The Christmas Village, an opportunity with an international character: many craftsmen from all over Italy, but also from abroad.

And for your children? There are many surprises on the program, from the visit of Santa Lucia to that of Santa Claus, with gifts and sweets for everyone.

In addition, from 22 November to 6 January, the Christmas markets return to Piazza Dante. In the heart of the city, the “Christmas village” will be set up, dedicated to food and crafts: in a Christmas atmosphere full of magic and good taste, there will be several characteristic wooden houses where you can admire artisan products and food and wine excellence.

You can find a wide choice for your gifts, from sweet to savory, from Christmas decorations to crafts.

From 10 to 12 December in Bergamo, on the Sentierone, the stalls of Santa Lucia will return, where it will be possible to find sweets, accessories and clothes.

Come and stay at Palazzo Novello to enjoy a unique and magical moment where you can admire the beautiful Christmas decorations in these cities to discover.