Do you know what our guests Gary and Maria have done in here?

He is English, she is Irish. They have been here for the first time in September, for a small vacation around Lake Garda, and at the time of departure we were told they had a very good time.

We could not imagine that they would have soon contacted us to help them revive one of the most important moments of their life!

After 25 years together and four children, Gary and Maria have been thinking of renewing their marriage promises, and they have thought of us as “accomplices” to give birth to this moment, in the magical atmosphere of Palazzo Novello. A holiday at the Palace with a very special theme!

If we have succeeded at least a little to make you understand how we are, you have already imagined our reaction: heart-shaped eyes and immediate preparations!

What the renewal of the marriage promises is

The renewal of the marriage promises consists of a symbolic rite, in which the official (the priest, if you want to give a religious value, but also a friend or family member: they do not need special permits and there are no bureaucratic duties) celebrates a ritual, usually abbreviated, in which the promises made during the marriage are resumed.

If it is the priest to celebrate, there will also be the blessing of marriage and rings.

So it was for Gary and Maria, who have also come back to the exciting moment of exchange of wedding rings.

Ring exchange for the renewal of wedding wows at Palazzo Novello, Italy

The Rite of Gary and Mary

April came in a blink of an eye, and in a nice afternoon of sunshine Gary and Mary, glamorous and elegant, again pronounced the fateful promises in the garden of Palazzo, in front of Father Rinaldo and … Kenda!

Yes, yes, you read well, right in front of Kenda!
We are not talking of sudden religious enlightenments, but of the fact that the Italian ritual of the Italian-speaking Father Rinaldo needed to be made understandable to our spouses 😉

And this is why Kenda has also prepared the libretto of the rite in Italian and English: a beautiful ceremony, exciting in its simplicity and cared in detail.

wedding wows
Kenda translates and… almost cries!

The rings were blessed again, the couple confirmed their love, Kenda had to hold back the tears and finally, as worthy seal of the day, a toast with a good Italian sparkling wine!!

We loved the choice of Gary and Mary, and you?

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