New year, new ideas, new opportunities and news at Palazzo Novello!

We like to spoil our guests, whether you are our loyal guests or new guests who want to visit us, our news is at your service to pamper you and concerts of the days of greatest relaxation here with us.


Let your palate discover the richness of our territory with our local wines from selected cellars.

Taste, richness and passion, these are the qualities shared by the different wineries with which we collaborate, wines from the province of Brescia and neighboring provinces, these wines are the best business card in our area.

Well yes, since Montichiari is a peasant country surrounded by lands rich in vineyards among the most precious in Europe, which give life to these fantastic wines: Amarone, Franciacorta, Prosecco Superiore and Sfursat are just some of the wines that you can find in our Winery .

Our terroirs will make you travel throughout the region with just a taste. From Valpolicella to Valtellina passing through Valtenesi and Franciacorta, these are just some of the terroirs that surround us and we have chosen to honor our territory with a selection of local wines from these fabulous lands.

For an authentic gift, a souvenir to take home and uncork with your loved ones or to enjoy good wine during your stay, enlarge your private cellar or for a more particular aperitif than usual, our Winery is always open for let you discover the flavors with which we have grown and that we have loved for generations.

Love and passion share the spirit of the cellars you will find and we will always be ready to give you advice and find the most suitable wine for your palate.

Come and try the tastes and flavors that characterize our territory and let yourself be enveloped by the intensity of traditional flavors.


Alongside our wines, as in a small boutique, other little thoughts to take home are waiting to fill a new home with joy, particular and classic Italian objects are available in the shop of Palazzo Novello.


Aperitifs, cocktails, craft beers and fine juices, here’s what you can find in our new Lounge area. Take a seat on the sofas and take a break, in our Lounge Bar you will have the opportunity to enjoy a drink at any time! There is never a closing time for our tireless bar!

For when you come back to the hotel after dinner, and a bitter could give you the goodnight you are looking for, your glass is waiting for you next to the reception, with a wide variety of liqueurs: from Dominican Rum to the classic Italian grappas, our selection is there to you!

If after a tiring day you need to get to the Hotel and relax on the sofa while sipping an aperitif, now you can! You arrive, and next to the reception our welcoming bar will make you happy!

Our Bar is ready to serve you, don’t make you wait! 😉