Many people ask us: you can host weddings at Palazzo Novello?

The answer is yes, of course!
1. You can celebrate small weddings.

And we add:
2. You can celebrate here the civil ceremony,
3. You can organize here the wedding reception with catering,
4. You can sleep here (obviously, but better to keep it in mind!)


With some (basic) aspects to be considered.

Let’s see everything, point by point.


camera sposi

1. We talk about small weddings: the number of people invited, in fact, can be a maximum of 40-45.

Why so few?

Because we have a large garden, but we must be able to rely on a Plan B.

Because in case of rain (although certainly we did all possible spells …) or if it is winter and, therefore, we prefer to stay warm in the rooms of Palazzo Novello, we must have the ability to comfortably sit and eat, even inside.

2. We have the authorization, by the municipality of Montichiari, to host the celebration of the civil marriage ceremony. This is feasible both inside the building and in the garden!

The City of Montichiari, for the celebration of civil marriages outside the town hall, at the date of writing has the following rates:

  • Monday to Saturday, during office hours – € 400 for residents, € 500 for non-residents
  • Extra office hours Saturday from 12:01 to 19:00 and Sundays and holidays from 11:00 to 12:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00 – € 600 for residents, € 800 for non-residents

For added security, you should check on the website of the town itself: we are committed to give you the most accurate information as possible, but in this case always prevail what is reported on the website of the City of Montichiari.

3. Wherever you celebrated your wedding ceremony, civil or religious, you can then come to Palazzo Novello for the wedding reception and party.

We do not have restaurant: up to you to choose which caterer you prefer. Each couple usually likes to choose how to set up the spaces according to their taste: with the caterer you choose tables, chairs and mise en place, while the florist (always the one that YOU like) chooses the decorations.

4. And then? Then you will sleep at Palazzo Novello!

Palazzo Novello offers 18 rooms, which you can see here.

There are discounted rates for people who also chose us for their reception, which can vary according to the days of stay, based on the number of people who will stay with us and according to the chosen period.


If there you have read this far, perhaps it is because we might be right for you (hopefully !!!).

And then, you’re probably wondering: how much is all this?

Our prices vary according to the dates, the number of people, the choice to make here only nights, only the civil ceremony, or even the reception, or everything.

Contact us and you will have a proposal tailored to you 🙂

Email us at, we will be very happy to give you all the information!