Every year when New Year is approaching it is inevitable to be asked “but you, what do you do on New Year’s Eve?”

Staying at Palazzo Novello you will be lucky enough to be in a place full of fun and beautiful places like Lake Garda and the city of Brescia!

Lovers looking for a romantic New Year can opt for an intimate dinner for two by the lake or in a SPA, while groups of friends can have fun waiting for midnight dancing on a boat in the middle of the lake or simply celebrating in the square in Brescia , after a dinner in the most chic restaurants.

There are many ideas to spend the New Year in our area and they meet every need, stay with us and ask for information, we will take care of you and propose the most suitable event for you! https://www.palazzonovello.it/contattaci/

Lake Garda offers:


  • New Year’s Eve on a boat on Lake Garda

Spending the New Year’s Eve party on Lake Garda is an experience to try directly from the water.

You can decide to celebrate New Year’s Eve by dining on a boat or simply uncorking the bottle at midnight from the middle of the lake to enjoy the fantastic fireworks display that illuminates the coast and Lake Garda.


  • New Year’s Eve cruise on Lake Garda

Also for this New Year you can decide to celebrate by participating in an unforgettable cruise on Lake Garda on the Tonale motor ship.

During the evening, a delicious dinner is served on board the ship including: aperitif at the table, appetizers, two first courses, a second course with meat, dessert, wine, water, prosecco, coffee.

Choosing to spend the new year 2019/2020 on a cruise on Lake Garda can be the right choice to spend the new year in a different way, without neglecting elegance and fun.


  • New Year’s Eve dinner on Lake Garda

The most traditionalists who until the last moment do not know what to do on New Year’s Eve in the Lake Garda area can choose one of the many restaurants that offer menus and offers of all kinds for New Year’s Eve.

Those who want to spend the New Year as a couple, for a more romantic New Year’s Eve, can have a dinner in one of the many elegant villas that for the evening are transformed into prestigious restaurants.

A candlelit dinner admiring the fireworks at the stroke of midnight which are reflected on the lake can be a unique experience for those in love and to make the evening unforgettable.


  • New Year’s Eve in a SPA or wellness center

A nice idea to spend the New Year’s Eve in the romantic atmosphere of Lake Garda could be to make New Year’s Eve in one of the many spas and wellness centers in the area.

For the occasion, the most important spas and spas on the lake offer evenings including the use of swimming pools with dinner or buffets.

Making the New Year in a SPA is the best way to end the old year by dedicating yourself to wellness and starting the new one by dedicating yourself some pampering.


  • What to do on New Year’s Eve with children

The best choice to entertain children on New Year’s Eve is to take them to Gardaland and celebrate all together in the magic of the most famous amusement park no. 1 in Italy.

For the last day of the year Gardaland keeps the doors of its Magic Winter open where young and old can have fun all day on December 31st.

The water attractions will be closed, but there are many other pure adrenaline attractions available such as Raptor, Space Vertigo, Mammoth, Blue Tornado, Magic Mountain and Oblivion.

And on the first day of the new year the park will be open to continue having fun with your children.


New Year in the city:

The New Year’s Eve party in Brescia awaits you with a double date: live music in Piazza Loggia and brilliant comedy at the Social Theater. Are you ready to live this unmissable night?

“Last stop, New Year’s Eve”! Special moments to live together, in a big auspicious party for the coming year. Appointment in Piazza Loggia to greet the arrival of the new year to the rhythm of music and fun.

Toast to the new year at the Teatro Sociale

At the Social Theater Moni Ovadia will animate the last evening of the year with “Live music by the Moni Ovadia Stage Orchestra”. An unmissable show between hilarious stories, profound reflections and live music. To follow, to end in style … final toast to start the new year!

We will help you choose one of the many sumptuous chic restaurants in Brescia to celebrate the new year in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy!

Choose Palazzo Novello for your special New Year and let yourself be carried away by the spectacular events that animate this magical night!