Hotel Palazzo Novello offers you a reserved table in our halls, where you can have lunch or dinner that we will order for you at one of the restaurants in the area.

Alternatively, you can of course stay in the room!

For water, wine or soft drinks, however, don’t worry, you will find everything here in the hotel! Our Honesty Bar is always operational —> do you want to know how it works? Click here!

As if you were in a real restaurant, we will give you the cutlery, plates, napkins and bread at the table we have assigned you or, if you prefer, directly in your room, at the price of € 3 per meal per person.

What about the payment? Once again, no problem! You pay for everything at check out with the room.

While waiting for the menus of our trusted restaurants, we look forward to your call to find out more!


Experience Palazzo Novello in safety and serenity, come and visit us!