Eat at the Hotel! Food delivery at Palazzo Novello

Hotel Palazzo Novello offers you a reserved table in our halls, where you can have lunch or dinner that we will order for you at one of the restaurants in the area. Alternatively, you can of course stay in the room! For water, wine or soft drinks, however, don’t worry, you will find everything here […]

Here is the mythical Spiedo of Borgosotto

The event of the year is almost upon us, do you have a ticket? Write down the date and time: Saturday 20 July, 20.00. What are we talking about ?? But of course of the Borgosotto spiedo, here in Montichiari! For the uninitiated, a little explanation is needed: every year in July the streets of […]

Montichiari’s May 2019

And here we are, like every year, waiting for the most beautiful month for Montichiari: the month of May !! We, here at Palazzo Novello, love him particularly, because as always the whole country is in turmoil and offers many events, on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to the patron saint of Monte Carlo, […]

This weekend in Brescia

For this weekend we want to give you one, or rather two, advice on what to do in Brescia. There are two unmissable events, which you cannot miss: the Festival of Flavors CidneON Do you want to know what it is?     Very well, we will satisfy you immediately !! FLAVOR FESTIVAL This festival […]

Matrimonio? Piccolo, grazie!

Many people ask us: you can host weddings at Palazzo Novello? The answer is yes, of course! 1. You can celebrate small weddings. And we add: 2. You can celebrate here the civil ceremony, 3. You can organize here the wedding reception with catering, 4. You can sleep here (obviously, but better to keep it in […]