The sixth edition of the Music Festival will be held on Saturday 22 June in Brescia!


Born as a musical celebration of the summer solstice, the Music Festival wants to promote and encourage musicians of all kinds to perform for the love of music and for union and community with the public. Open to all those who want to listen to music played with passion and to all musicians who want to make their music listen to a free audience.



The idea was born in France in 1976 from a project by the musician Joel Cohen, taken up in 1981 by Maurice Fleuret, composer and theater entrepreneur, and the following year institutionalized, as national music day, by the minister of culture Jack Lang. has rapidly internationalized and today involves more than 120 countries around the world.

The great strength of this party is the involvement of the whole community of the town, regardless of gender, to join together to celebrate together, so that you are an artist, singer, musician, professional, amateur, amateur or interested passer-by you are welcome in these streets saturated with love of music.

There are no distinctions between young and old, between women and men. From pop to classical, from jazz to rock, from ethno to funky, via soul, electronics, folk, band music, every musical expression is the protagonist of the Brescia Music Festival.

The party will begin at 10 in the morning, with the first stages that will start the musical day as if they were a curtain that opens to give spectators infinite emotions.

The music will continue until midnight, prolonging, for night owls amateurs, until 3 in the morning in some areas of the city, perhaps the most particular such as the Castle of Brescia.

The energy of this event transforms the city of Brescia, from the historic center to the neighboring neighborhoods, into a large and varied musical orchestra, so if you want to be part of this music, enjoy Brescia as you have never heard it!