Every year, since more than thirty years, the Centro Fiera of Montichiari  will host the Antiquarian Review from 1 to 10 November.

This exhibition, famous throughout Italy, combines love for tradition with curiosity for new trends, satisfying even the most demanding connoisseurs.




This is the title found on the website of the exhibition  www.rassegnaantiquaria.it/ and it could not be more appropriate as this Review stands out for its love for history but, with it the discovery of new ways to tell it. Through art, the fair takes life and tells us legends, facts and historical stories in the form of objects of great pomp and refined taste, as only antiques can have.


“Our exhibition center has always been able to make the most of the art-related proposals,” explains Germano Giancarli, president of the Montichiari Exhibition Center. “Promoting exhibitions and events dedicated to the world of antiques means giving a voice to culture and handing on its strength and suggestions to the new generations. Montichiari has a marked sensitivity to art and beauty, as confirmed by the cultural offer of MontichiariMusei, an urban museum system recognized by the Lombardy Region. This path of art and history is also ideally associated with the Antiquarian Review which, in October, is confirmed as an appointment that is always very appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts. ”

Come and visit us, reward your eyes and your heart with this exceptional exhibition, unique in its kind, to then find the same taste in our Palazzo the one you are most passionate about!